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My Path:

My own healing journey began druing my game design studies, when my body started to signal me that I had to make drastic changes about my life. I always had a connection to alternative medicine because of my mother, who is also a healing practitioner. My 12 years of Kung Fu training had introduced me to eastern philosophy and spirituality. I started to explore these worlds deeply and after several years of transformative work, I felt the desire to help other people on their journeys.

In 2017 I began my trainig in hypno-systemic therapy, which fascinated me because of its holistic and compassionate attitude. During the training I was introduced to parts work which I found very impressive. In 2020 I began a training in Internal Family Systems Therapy according to Dr Richard Schartz which is now my preferred method. My mother's functional muscle therapy has accompanied me since childhood, as well as my love for movement arts and physical development.

In addition to therapy I am passionate about meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, men's work and music.

I greatly enjoy writing, dancing and playing the shakuhachi.

Education and Experience:


Further Training: Traum therapy in IIFS Therapy

IIFS Institute Heidelberg



Basic Training in Internal Family Systems Therapy,

IIFS Institute Berlin



Training in functional muscle therapy according to tamura®

fmt-Institut Celle 


Assistant at ZEGG Men's training about conscious masculinity


Further training: "Holding safe spaces", Trauma prevention for facilitators 



German Healing Practitioner's License



Training in Hypno-Systemic Therapy and Coaching

Paracelsus Academy Berlin

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