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When I'm holding myself back, who exactly is doing the holding?





Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

The IFS model was created by Dr Richard Schwartz and assumes that the human mind is naturally made up of many different parts. These parts present themselves as individual personalities with their own opinions and emotions. Every one of them is meant to play an important role in our internal system. However sometimes traumatic events can leave our parts burdened, causing them to behave in extreme and problematic ways.

Working with these subpersonalities is a highly effective method to understand our problems in a non-pathologizing way. By exploring the inner system in a mindful and compassionate way, we can unburden our parts, heal trauma and unlock our potential. 

IFS helps us to stop identifying with our parts and connect to our Self. The Self is a ressource innate to all human beings. Although it can be covered up by parts it can never be damaged or lost. Being aligned with our Self not only frees our natural capacity for healing but also helps us to embody our true values even in difficult situations.

More on IFS:

60 min = 60 EUR

An IFS session usually takes about 90 minutes.

Online sessions using your video call app of choice are also a great option!

Cancellation Policy: If the client fails to appear or cancels the appointment less than 24 hours before the begin of the session the basic fee of 60 Euros will be charged.

"After a few sessions I have found IFS to be a remarkably direct and insightful method and Robin to be a great companion who holds the space for me and offers feedback and ideas where necessary."

Adrian - 32 - Artist

Is there a part of you, you'd like to get to know better?

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Thank you!

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