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Every problem is a chance for growth and a deepening of consciousness.





Therapy can help you...
  • heal emotional wounds

  • overcome fear

  • weather a crisis

  • find self love

  • stand up for yourself

  • gain access to ressources

  • have deep and lasting relationships

  • design your life according to your values

From Problem to Empowerment:

My psychotherapeutic work is based primarily on the principles of Gunther Schmidt's hypnosystemic therapy, which assumes that there are valuable ressources hidden in every problem.

All patterns and behaviours that cause us trouble today were once necessary to deal with great difficulties.

When we are experiencing symptoms it is usually our subconscious trying to alert us to the fact that something in our life is not quite right. It is not a disorder to get rid of but a message to be heard. If we look and listen with curiosity and compassion, we can understand what is truely driving our behaviour and transform ourselves in a deep and lasting way.

My therapeutic tool of choice is working with personality parts.  More on that here.


Free introductory conversation: 20 -30 min

Therapy Session: 60 - 90 min, 75 EUR

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