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It's not about where we feel the pain,

but when.


Find the true cause.

Achieve lasting results. 

A holistic approach to understanding pain:

For treating physical pain I apply functional muscle therapy according to tamura® (fmt), developed by my mother Bettina Tamura.


fmt regards pain as a protective mechanism trying to prevent us from engaging in movement that could cause stress to a vulnerable region of our body. This is usually a region that is impaired by an adhesion in the connective tissue. The location of pain alone does not give any indication of where the root cause is.

fmt applies a versatile testing system to find out which part of the body your pain is trying to protect. There are no predefined trigger points. Every problem is examined individually by analysing how the pain is affected by changes in posture and movement.

Once the true cause has been identified, it is treated by applying pressure with simultaneous relaxation, resolving the adherences in the connective tissue and allowing the myofascial region to reassume its healthy function. 

In order to prevent the problem from reemerging fmt also applies special movement exercises to keep your myofacial system healthy. 


fmt-Session: ca. 60 Min, 60 EUR

"Robin hatte mich wegen Problemen im unteren Rücken behandelt. Ich habe bei ihm gelernt, dass solche Probleme oft mit dem Bauch zu tun haben. Während der intensiven Session habe ich gespürt wie sich nach und nach immer mehr Blockaden lösen. Schon nach einer einzigen Behandlung habe ich jetzt deutlich weniger Beschwerden, und meine komplexen Akrobatik-Bewegungen laufen viel leichter und flüssiger, ich fühle mich sicher und wohl dabei. Vielen Dank!"

Paul - 33 - Ingenieur und Capoeirista

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